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[LDM #ZOC-298338]: Missing data problems

Hi Mark,

Tom Yoksas here.  Steve asked me to take a look at your setup and kibitz...

> Hi Steve, I implemented the change to the ldmd.conf file (including the
> '()' in the allow statement, but according to NOAA, this has not fixed
> the problem.

We just looked at the statistics being reported by both of your machines
and think that they are getting all of the products from the regions they
are requesting NEXRAD2 from.  Given this, we are at a loss to explain why
your NOAA contact thinks s/he are not getting all of the products.  Can
you get him/her to further explain the problem they are seeing?

> I apologize for the delay in this, but our NOAA contact
> has been out for the last week and is just now getting back in touch
> with me on this issue.

No worries.

> Do you have any other ideas to try?

Since we are under the impression that your machines are receiving all of
the data that they should, we do not have other ideas.

> The login and pwd are still
> available if you want to login and check things out for yourself.

Thanks, we took advantage of this login.

One last comment:  your system clock (on NWS-LDM1, at least) is off a bit.
We recommend that you run ntpd to keep your clock as accurate as possible.
Are you currently running 'ntpdate' out of root's cron?


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