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[LDM #JMW-745674]: nam 212 feed problems


> We seem to be receiving short grib files.  Normal size used to be
> about 450MB, now files vary from 170 - 450 MB.

Can you tell if the files are truncated?

> Details:
> ldm machine
> mariaz.nmsu.edu
> Red Hat Enterprise WS Ver 4
> uname -a
> Linux mariaz.NMSU.Edu 2.6.9-55.EL #1 Fri Apr 20 16:35:59 EDT 2007 i686 i686 
> i386 GNU/Linux
> ldm ver
> more VERSION
> 6.0.11

That's a very old version of the LDM.  There have been many
bug-fixes since then.  I'd recommend upgrading, but the latest
version has a known-bug that won't exist in a release I'm
about to make.  If you want to upgrade, then I'd recommend
version 6.5.1.

> ldmd.conf requests:
> request NOGAPS "^US058GMET-GR1mdl.0058_0240.*" usgodae3.fnmoc.navy.mil
> request FSL2    "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.metar\..*"      
> eldm.fsl.noaa.gov
> request FSL2    "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.sao\..*"        
> eldm.fsl.noaa.gov
> request FSL2    "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.snow\..*"       
> eldm.fsl.noaa.gov
> request FSL2    "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.RSAS"                  
> eldm.fsl.noaa.gov
> request FSL3    "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.mesonet1\..*"   
> eldm.fsl.noaa.gov
> request FSL3    "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.hydro1\..*"     
> eldm.fsl.noaa.gov
> request CONDUIT "data/nccf/com/nam/prod/nam.*#212*"     idd.unidata.ucar.edu
> request NNEXRAD "SDUS[2357][45] (....) (......) /p(N1P)(...)"   
> idd.unidata.ucar.edu
> request NNEXRAD "SDUS[2357][345] (....) (......) /p(N0R|N1R|N2R|N3R)(...)"    
>   idd.unidata.ucar.edu
> pqact.conf  theCONDUIT line rewrites the file name:
> CONDUIT ^data/nccf/com/nam/prod/nam.*#(212)/(..........)(.*)
> file    data/conduit/\2_eta\1.grb
> for compatability with the processing routines.

If neither the "-close" nor "-flush" option is used, then the
operating-system might still have some of the data in buffers
when you go to read the file.

> We're using the grib file to initialize a MM5 run.  ldm stopped
> running June 5 and had to be restarted.  We've only managed a couple of
> mm5 runs since.  The last changes to ldm were early May when we were
> adjusting the NEXRAD feed.
> What's my next step?

Are there any relevant messages in the LDM log file?

> Thanks,
> Merrill Bean
> sys admin for
> Max Bleiweiss

Steve Emmerson

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