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[LDM #ZOC-298338]: Missing data problems


> That's excellent information.  I have to check some old notes when the
> IPs were provided to us and perhaps go back to NWS to verify that.
> There might just be some redundancy of certain datasets.  Should I just
> go ahead and make the change you suggest now regardless, or could that
> cause worse problems due to the potential redundancy of data?  Is there
> any way to see (with ldmwatch or the like) the source upstream of the
> data that is rolling in?  Also is there any way for me to status this
> switching and see when it is occurring?  I'm going to talk to NCDC about
> this, but I'd like an indicator of the problem event so I can see it
> happening and verify myself that the change resolves it.

You could use the "notifyme" LDM utility to obtain a list of
products from each of the upstream LDM-s over a given time
period and then process the output to obtain the set of
data-products in common.  For example

notifyme -vl 15.txt -f NEXRAD2 -h & notifyme -vl 9.txt -f NEXRAD2 
-h &
[1] 5228
[2] 5229
sleep 60 && kill 5228 5229
awk 'NR>3{print $10}' 15.txt | sort -u >15.list
awk 'NR>3{print $10}' 9.txt | sort -u >9.list
comm -12 15.list 9.list

I just did this and the intersection was the empty set.

Steve Emmerson

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