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[LDM #ZOC-298338]: Missing data problems


> Hi Steve, yeah I meant downstream (uh, there was a discussion going on
> right behind me and derailed my train of thought, sorry).
> Right now we're running 6.4.1, I'm still waiting on my main customers
> version, but I believe it's the same.  I'm the sole supplier for a
> couple of people, but for the most part, everyone has backups.  I
> honestly don't think I would have found out this problem if it hadn't
> been for a downstream customer of ours who regularly compares our feed
> to his backup feed and pulls the larger file.  He's noticed only in the
> last few weeks that the number of times he's had to pull from his backup
> have increased dramatically.  It was at it worst (so far) during the
> really bad windy weather conditions a couple of weekends ago.
> That said, I did some checking using pqmon and on both servers (with a
> 400M queue) I was seeing an oldest product age of about 10K seconds.
> However, I knew that we're moving to a much more granular radar scan, so
> I thought this was a good time to up the queue.  Right now the age in
> pqmon is stable at about 37K seconds.  There's no significant load on
> the server, no high disk wait time or any performance related issue that
> I can see on either server, so I'm up against a blank wall now.  Does
> this help?

Sounds like your queue is plenty big enough.

There have been two improvements to the downstream LDM code and one
improvement to the upstream LDM code since the version of the LDM
that you're running.  These improvements all dealt with ensuring that
no products would be missed.  I therefore suggest that you install the
latest version of the LDM at your site and try to get your customers
to install it at theirs.

Please let me know if this does or does not solve the problem.

Steve Emmerson

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