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[Support #RZI-325369]: Re: New LDM server for EMWIN-only feed


> I set up the crontab job to run at :05 after the hour after restarting the
> LDM at the top of the hour at 16Z. Here's what got logged:
> May 01 16:04:39 www pqsurf[15221] INFO:  del 7993ed022b14f81857b550e8a961d6df 
>       58 20070501150412.918 IDS|DDPLUS
> 999001  aaxx 91756 011300 RRJ
> May 01 16:04:39 www pqsurf[15221] INFO:  del d8063afb0190ac3e2925806c73df7cfb 
>      158 20070501150412.969 IDS|DDPLUS 999001  metar NSTU 011500
> May 01 16:04:39 www pqsurf[15221] INFO:  del 0c333596870a073500a01c889338d479 
>       63 20070501150413.127 IDS|DDPLUS 999001  metar NSFA 011500
> May 01 16:04:39 www pqsurf[15221] INFO:  del 9eafd9a4e0980a77bb3e22c4a895194d 
>       58 20070501150416.521 IDS|DDPLUS 999001  aaxx 91611 011300 RRI
> May 01 16:05:09 www pqsurf[15221] INFO:   120995 20070501160502.564 
> IDS|DDPLUS 000  SAUS80 KWBC 011605

The last log message indicates that the "pqsurf" did identifier
a data-product to split up and insert into the private "pqsurf"

If you look at the private "pqsurf" product-queue with, for example,
the command

    pqcat -vl- -f 'IDS|DDPLUS' -p ... 2>/dev/null

can you tell if the components of the SAUS80 data-products are

Steve Emmerson

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