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[Support #ZFM-909164]: RE: LDM 6.5.1 released


> My system that is running 6.4.6 is triggering 100% of the time, and both 
> computers are getting data from the exact same source. Here are my lines of 
> interest:
> WMO     ^(......) (....) 
> ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-6][0-9]).*/p(...)(GRR|DTX)
> FILE    -overwrite data/gempak/alarms/\6\7
> That one puts all files with GRR and DTX in the last three letters into a 
> directory with overwrite. That is working fine in 646 and 651
> WMO     ^(......) (....) 
> ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])([0-6][0-9]).*/p(AFD)(APX|IWX|DTX|GRR)
> FILE    -overwrite data/gempak/alarms/nawips/\6\7
> This takes the AFD from four offices and puts the product into a second 
> directory. It is not working all of the time in 651, it is fine in 646.
> I've swapped the LDM on the PC's (i.e. so while one runs 646 the other 651, 
> then vice versa) and the failure has occurred on both when running 651, so I 
> think I've eliminated as much as I can for outside variables.

Sounds definitive.

Would you please send me the LDM log file for the time that
"pqact" was missing data-products.

Steve Emmerson

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