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[LDM #IXG-702275]: LDM setup up problem questions

Hi Yoori,

> Thanks for the information. It was helpful, but still I was stuck on some
> part.


> I went through up to unpack the distribution successfully. But after I
> type "./configure", I got the error message saying that No acceptable C
> compiler found in $PATH.

This means one of three things:

- your system has no C compiler installed (not the case given your next comment)

- the PATH in scope for your 'ldm' user does not include the directory
  where the C compiler is installed (likely)

- your C compiler does not work

> But I installed gcc with most updated version from the website.

From which website?

Also, where did gcc get installed (i.e., in which directory)?

> Could you give some advice? Since I'm not familiar with Linux,
> I asked many questions. Sorry about that.

Unix/Linux is much like Windows in that each user's session has
an environment variable named PATH defined to include a list of
directories that will be searched by the operating system when the
user tries to run a program.  I saw from the screen shot you provided
earlier that your 'ldm' user is using the BASH shell.  In the standard
setup for users using the BASH shell, the PATH environment variable
will be defined more-or-less like:


The GNU C compiler, gcc, is typically installed in /usr/bin.  Since /usr/bin
is included in the standard PATH, it will be found when one tries to execute
'gcc'.  I would guess that the PATH defined for your 'ldm' user does not
include /usr/bin, or you installed gcc in some other directory that is
not in your PATH.

Here is what you should do to figure out what is going on:

- login as 'ldm'

- execute the following commands and send us the result (as text, not as an

echo $PATH
type gcc

After we see how your PATH is defined, we can advise you on how to modify it
to include needed directories.  After your PATH is properly defined, we
can walk you through the process of configuring your LDM.

Also, we could logon to your system and do a lot of the configuration for
you if you like.  In order to setup the LDM, we would need a logon as
both 'ldm' and 'root'.  Please let us know if you would like us to
proceed along these lines.


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