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[LDM #SVU-966060]: LDM - LDM hangs up.


> Added the entries and restarted syslog.. Still logging to /var/log/messages 
> for
> whatever reason. Do I have to restart LDM?

Once the file /etc/syslog.conf is correct, executing the hupsyslog(1) utility
should suffice to get LDM log messages to the right log file -- providing that
utility is owned by root and setuid.

> address@hidden logs]# grep local /etc/syslog.conf
> local3.none                                             /dev/console
> *.info;mail.none;authpriv.none;cron.none;local3.none            
> /var/log/messages
> local7.*                                                /var/log/boot.log
> local3.debug                                            
> /usr/local/ldm/logs/ldmd.log

Your syslog.conf entries look complete and OK.

> However: now I don't even get to see the products going into the LDM queue. 
> They
> were showing up in /var/log/messages.. Now the only thing logging there is
> connection error messages (stderr?). These are normal.  Where did the "normal"
> information logging go to since it's not in /usr/local/ldm/logs/ldmd.log?

The reason LDM log messages aren't going into the LDM log file is because
the hupsyslog(1) utility isn't owned by root and setuid.

> Did the reinstallation of the LDM 6.4.6 set the ownership of the rpc.ldm and 
> hupsyslog programs to "root" and are they now setuid?
> Doesn't appear so:
> address@hidden bin]# ll hupsyslog
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 ldm users 5579 Oct 23 19:35 hupsyslog
> address@hidden bin]# ll rpc.ldmd
> -rwxr-xr-x  1 ldm users 189402 Oct 23 19:35 rpc.ldmd

If the "make install_setuids" command was correctly executed as root,
then both the LDM program and the hupsyslog utility would be owned by
root and setuid.  They aren't, so you must re-execute that command
as root in the top-level source-directory of the LDM package.

The files in question should look something like this:

-rwsr-xr-x   1 root     ustaff     14120 Mar 14  2006 /local/ldm/bin/hupsyslog
-rwsr-xr-x   1 root     ustaff   1257496 Mar 14  2006 /local/ldm/bin/rpc.ldmd

Note that they are owned by root and that the owner "execute" flag is "s".

Steve Emmerson

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