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[LDM #XXW-990118]: LDM - Not your average latency problem


I infer the following from the MRTG and the rtstats(1) plots for SonomaTech: 1) 
the SonomaTech LDM restarted around noon WDT on the 18th; 2) it saturated the 
pipe; 3) it didn't catch up until just before 1700 WDT; 4) throughout the 
subsequent night, the pipe was occationally saturated; and 5) the pipe became 
saturated again around the start of the workday at SonomaTech.

Judging from this and the good performace of the LDM in sending the same 
data-products from Rossby to here, I think it's safe to say that SonomaTech's 
pipe just isn't big enough to receive the data-products that it's requesting.

Merging all the requests into one was done to validate the hypothesis that a 
SonomaTech router was favoring higher-volume LDM connections at the expense of 
lower-volume ones.  That appears to be the case.

SonomaTech needs to either reduce the data that it requests or get a bigger 
pipe, in my opinion.

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: XXW-990118
Department: Support LDM
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