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[LDM #UOJ-259840]: Late data not getting past relay


> I've notice a problem from time-to-time where late data arriving on a
> relay doesn't get passed on to downstream nodes and was wondering what
> explanation there might be or if it's some sort of LDM peculiarity.  My
> specific case this time was the failure of one stream (CONDUIT) on the
> local relay node while all other streams still kept coming in (the CONDUIT
> data was available upstream, but for some reason the local ingest of that
> stream quit).  So, I restarted the local relay and at that time old
> CONDUIT started pouring in (~2-3 hours old).  However, when I looked at my
> other local nodes feeding from my relay using "ldmadmin watch", none of
> that CONDUIT data was coming through.  I have the max latencies set on all
> the ldmd rpc's to >20000 seconds, so the data shouldn't have been rejected
> on that basis.  The queues were untouched.
> Is there a good explanation for this?  What's annoying about this is, I
> can see all that good data coming in on the relay, but none of it makes it
> to the other downstream nodes where it's decoded and filed, so it's
> useless.
> Thanks for any insights or solutions you can give to this problem.

From your description, this shouldn't have occurred.  The fact that it did 
indicates a misunderstanding or misconception somewhere.  The LDM-s (BOTH relay 
and downstream from your relay) were started with the "-m" option having a 
value greater than 20000?

Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: UOJ-259840
Department: Support LDM
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