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[LDM #VHC-861021]: ldm5 and ldm6 compatability issues?


> We have recently begun feeding some NWS regional offices' AWIPS systems
> with EOS MODIS imagery and products and also some CRAS model output
> imagery.  This has been a huge success.  The LDM has been a great tool
> for doing this.  Recently some other regional offices that would like
> to receive this data has said that they will be unable to receive it,
> because of incompatibilities receiving data on their LDM 5 clients from
> an LDM 6 server.
> Here is a snippet from an email from the NWS Southern Region Headquarters
> >   Are your servers running LDM 6 or LDM 5?  We've discovered that,
> >   while an LDM 5 server can feed a downstream server running LDM 6; an
> >   upstream LDM 6 cannot feed a downstream LDM 5.  Since most our field
> >   offices are using the LDM 5 software on their LDADS we cannot use
> >   regional servers running LDM 6.
> I was not aware of this issue.  Do you believe this to be an issue?
> Since it is easier for us to make changes on our end than it is for the
> NWS sites, do you have any suggestions?

This is news to me.  LDM 6 was designed to be backward compatible with LDM
5 (although the transfer rates are much lower).  This was tested here and
verified by the incremental deployment of LDM 6.  I would very much like to
talk with someone who knows the details of this issue.  Can you put me in
touch with them?

> We are using the EXP feed to send them the data from pepe.ssec.wisc.edu
> (you will note that they actually feed directly off a machine here
> called awipsds.ssec.wisc.edu.)
> pepe.ssec.wisc.edu is running LDM 6.4.5
> awipsds.ssec.wisc.edu is running LDM 6.4.3
> Thanks Much!
> Jerry
> --
> Jerrold Robaidek                       Email:  address@hidden
> SSEC Data Center                       Phone: (608) 262-6025
> University of Wisconsin                Fax: (608) 263-6738
> Madison, Wisconsin

Steve Emmerson

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