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[LDM #IKY-965070]: single and double digit hours


> Yes, pestering Matthew Lazzara about modifying the data-product
> identifier is near the top of my list when he gets back from vacation in
> a few days.
> ...
> This works great for the composite images which have an extension, such
> as .jpg or .png.  However, the McIDAS area files are sent without an
> extension, such as:  USAP.AMRC.Composite.infrared.yyyymmdd.hh
> USAP.AMRC.Composite.infrared.20060717.0
> USAP.AMRC.Composite.infrared.20060717.3
> USAP.AMRC.Composite.infrared.20060717.6
> USAP.AMRC.Composite.infrared.20060717.9
> USAP.AMRC.Composite.infrared.20060717.12
> USAP.AMRC.Composite.infrared.20060717.15
> USAP.AMRC.Composite.infrared.20060717.18
> USAP.AMRC.Composite.infrared.20060717.21
> For these files I have the two entries:
> EXP     USAP\.AMRC\.Composite\.infrared\.(....)(..)(..)\.([0-2][0-9])
> FILE    -close data/ant-idd/amrc/composite/ir/comp_ir_\1\2\3\4
> EXP     USAP\.AMRC\.Composite\.infrared\.(....)(..)(..)\.([0-9])
> FILE    -close data/ant-idd/amrc/composite/ir/comp_ir_\1\2\30\4
> With the single-digit hours, both entries are triggered, resulting in
> two files saved:
> comp_ir_2006071801
> comp_ir_2006071818
> Any suggestions?

Use "$" to anchor the regular-expression to the end of the string:

        -close data/ant-idd/amrc/composite/ir/comp_ir_\1\2\3\4

        -close data/ant-idd/amrc/composite/ir/comp_ir_\1\2\30\4

This will disambiguate the two cases.

> Thank you also for your assistance in explaining the open files.

You're welcome.

Steve Emmerson

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