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[LDM #DXG-737922]: open files?


> I am working on creating some new entries in my pqact.conf file.  The
> FILE action has a default value where the file remains open after the
> data-product is written to the file.  What happens when the data-product
> is written to a file which has year-month-day as a part of the file
> name?  Is the file somehow closed at the end of the day?

The file into which the FILE action writes will not be closed until 1)
the LDM is stopped; or 2) the pqact(1) process needs another file 
descriptor but all file descriptors are in use and the file descriptor
associated with the given file is the least recently-used one.

If you need to ensure that a file is up-to-date, then you should use
either the "-close" or "-flush" options.

> For example, I have pulled this from the pqact.gempak file:
> WMO     ^WTNT4[1-5] KNHC ([0-3][0-9])([0-2][0-9])
> FILE    data/gempak/nwx/nhc/disc/(\1:yyyy)(\1:mm)\1\2.disc
> I am attempting to combine numerous individual data-products which
> arrive during a single day into a large single file for the day.

I would use either of the two, previously-mentioned options.  The
"-flush" option will be more efficient because the file will remain

Steve Emmerson

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