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[LDM #VDS-923265]: LDM upgrade

Hi Eric,

> Even after I did the recompile, I'm still getting the make_pq: mkqueue failed.

The only reasons we can think of for the failure are (we have talked about
these previously):

- no write permission in filesystem where queue is to be created. I
  don't think this is it since you were able to create a queue by hand

- not enough room on the filesystem where the queue is to be created.
  Your 'df' listing in a previous exchange shows that you have plenty
  of room.

- there is some sort of a quota being imposed on the filesystem where
  the queue is to be made.  Grasping at straws here...

- the file system where the queue is being made is NFS mounted.  Memory
  mapping does not work on NFS mounted file systems on some OSes, and
  it works poorly on others

> I have attached my ldmadmin-pl.conf file.
> chop($hostname = `uname -n`);
> chop($os = `uname -s`);
> chop($release = `uname -r`);
> $ldmhome = "/usr/local/ldm";
> $pq_size = "600M";
> $pq_slots = "default";
> $surf_size = "2000000";
> $numlogs = "7";
> $bin_path = "$ldmhome/bin";
> $etc_path = "$ldmhome/etc";
> $log_path = "$ldmhome/logs";
> $data_path = "$ldmhome/data";
> $pq_path = "$data_path/ldm.pq";
> $surf_path = "$data_path/pqsurf.pq";
> $pid_file = "$ldmhome/ldmd.pid";
> $lock_file = "$ldmhome/.ldmadmin.lck";
> $log_file = "$log_path/ldmd.log";
> $ldmd_conf = "$etc_path/ldmd.conf";
> $pqact_conf = "$etc_path/pqact.conf";
> $scour_file = "$etc_path/scour.conf";
> $log_rotate = "1";
> $port = "388";
> 1;

This all looks OK.

> Oh yeah, and I'm using ldm 6.4.5

Given that your problem is so weird, would it be possible for us to
get a login to your machine (as 'ldm') so we can look around?


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