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[LDM #XRM-636664]: Problem with empty ldmd.conf file


> Hello.
> I'm in the process of setting up a new weather data server to replace
> the current, main server.
> In the past I've had little difficulties setting up the ldm package on
> various PCs and Sun workstations.
> This time, I seem to get everything running except that ldm doesn't log
> to ldmd.log. Data comes through fine. Some files are collected "raw".
> Others are converted via gempak decoders.
> I checked all the usual suspects. The information in /etc/services and
> /etc/rpc are correct (checked
> tabs, typoes, etc).  I'm thinking it has to do with the syslog.conf
> file. I edited it similarly to other PCs (new server is one too). Again,
> I checked for typos, tabs, etc.   Ldm initially creates a ldmd.log file
> (log directory is owned by ldm) when ldm is started, but that's as far
> as it gets (content remains zero).
> Invoking a command like "logger -p local0.debug 'test of LDM logging'"
> does not settle into the desired file (everything does get logged by
> root in /var/log/localmessages though).
> I am running ldm-6.4.5 (attached config and configure logs for your
> viewing just in case the set up wasn't complete). The operating system
> is SuSE, 10.1.  With this operating system, there is no syslog.conf
> file. It's something called "syslog-ng.conf"(format of information
> different from syslog.conf). I had my systems admin adjust the
> configuration to use syslog.conf.

I suspect the problem is that you're using syslog-ng rather than
syslog(8).  Here's an answer to this problem from our predefined
replies.  Please let me know if it's irrelevant or not helpful.

Regarding use of syslog-ng on SuSE Linux:

We believe that SuSE users are not locked into running syslog-ng.  We are not 
in anything SuSE, but there are RPMs for syslogd on the SuSE
FTP site.  For example for SuSE v9.3:


Unfortunately, we do not have enough experience with syslog-ng or SuSE
to be able to help get LDM logging working using syslog-ng.  We
recommend, therefore, that sites strongly consider installing and using
syslogd.  If/when you do, you can configure it using the standard directions
available in the Unidata LDM webpages.

Steve Emmerson

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