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[LDM #ZRE-293921]: Dropped products


> Here is the BAD news.  I just look at the data from 0000-1200 UTC
> today.   Out of the 1669987 products receved by freshair, only 968724
> were sent to the spare host!  And the lower number corresponds to the
> number of products in freshair's log files marked as being sent by the
> ldm - so they are not being lost in transit, freshair is just not
> sending them.  And I know they are getting into the queue - the pqact
> processes on freshair are processing them and they are being sent to
> other downstream hosts.

Is Freshair the only system sending those data-products to the spare host?

Can you send me the initial log entries for the upstream LDM processes on 
Freshair that are responsible for sending the data-products to the spare host.  
Is there only one such process?

Can you send me an INFO log-entry on Freshair that shows reception of a 
data-product that wasn't relayed to the spare host but should have been?

How often did the connection between Freshair and the spare host break during 
that time period?

Are the creation-times of the missing data-products before the start-times in 
the request-for-data from the spare host?

> How's your brain now?


Steve Emmerson

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Ticket ID: ZRE-293921
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