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[IDD #TXO-622416]: Possible problem with ldm6.4.5


> I've attached two log files. The log.2 file contains edited info when
> running 6.4.5.  The other one (log.1) is when I reverted back to 6.4.1
> (also edited to reduce number of lines not containing WSI entries).
> It looked liked a few files made it through before an absence began. You
> will note that using 6.4.1 shows many more entries of WSI products
> coming through even though I ran it for much less time than when using
> 6.4.5.
> James

> Apr 20 17:25:01 peridot sysu1.wsicorp.com[5011] INFO: Connection from 
> sysu1.wsicorp.com
> Apr 20 17:25:01 peridot sysu1.wsicorp.com[5011] INFO: Resolving 
> to sysu1.wsicorp.com took 0.000835 seconds
> Apr 20 17:25:01 peridot sysu1.wsicorp.com[5011] INFO: Downstream LDM 
> initialized
> Apr 20 17:25:01 peridot sysu1.wsicorp.com[5011] INFO: hiya6: RECLASS: 
> 20060420172501.607 TS_ENDT {{WSI,  ".*"}} -> 20060420172501.607 TS_ENDT 
> {{WSI,  ".*"},{WSI,  ".*"}}

The ldm-6.4.5 log file was less useful that I thought.  It did, however, help 
me discover why RECLASS response has two identical feedtype/pattern entries.  
There are two because your LDM has the following ACCEPTE entries:

accept WSI .*
accept WSI .* sysu1\.wsicorp\.com

Both these entries refer to the same computer.  I suggest that you replace them 
with the following, combined, entry

ACCEPT WSI .* ^(sysu1\.wsicorp\.com|198\.115\.158\.1)$

Also, would you be willing to try a new version of the LDM that might solve 
your problem?  If so, then try


Please keep me apprised.

Steve Emmerson

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