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[IDD #TXO-622416]: Possible problem with ldm6.4.5


> I asked the WSI technician for ldm logs regarding my problem (not
> receiving WSI radar imagery when running ldm6.4.5). He wrote me the
> following:
> ==========================================================================
> Not sure how much it will help as it is a little different, but here is
> what I have ("wsisend" is based on "pqsend"):
> 15:45:02  restarting peridot.atmos.ucla.edu ucla
> 15:45:02        version 6
> 15:45:02  wsisend: peridot.atmos.ucla.edu: reclass: 20060420154502.088
> TS_ENDT {{WSI,  ".*"},{WSI,  ".*"}}
> 15:45:02        max_hereis = 4294967295
> 15:45:12  wsisend: Sent NEX/RLX/BREF1/200604201540, 13294 bytes
> 15:45:12  wsisend: Sent NEX/RLX/BRLR1/200604201540, 12928 bytes
> 15:45:23        SIGPIPE
> 15:50:01  restarting peridot.atmos.ucla.edu ucla
> 15:50:01        version 6
> 15:50:02  wsisend: peridot.atmos.ucla.edu: reclass: 20060420155001.791
> TS_ENDT {{WSI,  ".*"},{WSI,  ".*"}}
> 15:50:02        max_hereis = 4294967295
> 15:50:12  wsisend: Sent NEX/GSP/SRMV1/200604201545, 25524 bytes
> 15:50:12        SIGPIPE

The above appears to indicate that the wsisend(1) process sending to 
peridot.atmos.ucla.edu couldn't send a data-product because the connection 
closed.  It also appears to indicate that the process was able to send some 
products initially on the connection.

The "reclass" message is a little odd in that it has two, identical 
feetype/pattern entries.

> Only happening with your connection (Not sure what version ldm my other
> clients are running).
> Charlie
> ==========================================================================
> The log came from this morning (20 Apr) when I temporarily used version
> 6.4.5 again instead of 6.4.1.
> The log from our server, peridot was short and contained nothing
> suspicious(just start and stop info)--

Yes.  Peridot's LDM log file didn't contain anything useful

Would you do me a favor and try LDM 6.4.5 on Peridot again but with *verbose* 
logging enabled (i.e. do an "ldmadmin start -v").  The log file will probably 
get a bit large so you should probably revert to LDM 6.4.1 soon after you see 
any messages associated with the WSI computer.

Steve Emmerson

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