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Re: LDM problem


>Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 10:27:39 -0700
>From: "Kliche, Donna V." <address@hidden>
>Organization: South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
>To: "Steve Emmerson" <address@hidden>
>Subject: RE: LDM problem 

The above message contained the following:

> Nov 03 16:14:43 squall rpc.ldmd[2804] ERROR: Couldn't compile 
> regular-expression "*." near  line 83, file "/usr/local/ldm/etc/ldmd.conf": 
> Invalid preceding regular expression 

I didn't need to look at the LDM configuration-file.  The above
error-message indicates that the regular-expression is "*." -- which is
invalid.  It needs to be rewritten as ".*" (the star metacharacter must
follow the dot metacharacter).

Make that change and then execute the command "ldmadmin start".

Steve Emmerson

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