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20051014: hupsyslog(1) using killall(1) under SUSE (was: LDM-6.4.1 instalation)

>From:  "Kliche, Donna V." <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SDSMT
>Keywords:  200510141520.j9EFKX7s018954 LDM Linux

Hi Donna,

>Subject: RE: hupsyslog(1) using killall(1) under SUSE (was: LDM-6.4.1 
>instalati on) 

>I will try the first option and I will let you know the outcome. If
>things are not working out, I am considering the idea of changing SUZE
>with another version of Linux. Do you know if Mandriva works ok with
>LDM? Or Red Hat is a better option?

Internally at Unidata we run Fedora Core 2/3/4 and RedHat WS3.  We like
the Fedora Core option since it is more likely to be used by our
community because it is free.  So, if you do decided to change the
version of Linux you are running, and if seamless execution of
Unidata-provided software is high on your priority list, I would
recommend moving to Fedora Core 3 or 4 (not 2 since it is no longer
being developed).

Regarding Madriva...  I have personal experience in building LDM and
McIDAS on the predacessor to Mandriva, Mandrake.  I believe that
Mandrake was a RedHat offshoot, so perhaps that was why builds on it
were simple.  Whether or not Mandriva continues to be compatible with
RedHat, however, is not something that I know.


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