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Re: hupsyslog(1) using killall(1) under SUSE (was: LDM-6.4.1 instalation)


OK.  We understand your problem.  There are, basically, two solutions:

    1.  Replace the use of syslog-ng(8) with syslogd(8); or

    2.  Rewrite the LDM package's configuration-script and LDM
        administration script to use syslog-ng(8) rather than

The second solution will require work on your part and render your LDM
installation non-standard and, therefore, harder to support.

The first solution, on the other hand, should be easily accomplished via
a SUSE RPM for syslogd(8), which can be obtained from


(or you might just go to "suse.com" and enter "syslogd rpm" in the
search box in the upper right corner.)

It might also be possible to use the yum(1) utility to install the
syslogd(8) package (we don't know because we don't use SUSE).

If you choose to go this route, then once you have the syslog daemon
installed and running, then you can configure and use it as documented
in the LDM web pages.

Steve Emmerson

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