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Re: 20051012: ernie.tamu.edu is getting unstable...


I replaced the current LDM on Ernie with version 6.4.2, which
was built with debugging support.  Version 6.4.2 also has calls to
prctl() in order to create core files.  Hopefully, a crash will result
in a core file that will indicate the problem.

Steve Emmerson

>From address@hidden  Wed Oct 12 18:40:40 2005

Thanks!  I'm not sure what the cause is, but we're scheming to do some 
more re-architecture where we relieve ernie of all NFS server duties but 
do have it write to a dedicated NFS server.  That's a cleaner 
architecture and where we're headed, anyway.

Did I miss a release?  Must of been napping!


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