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Re: ldm binary

Hi Virginia!

I usually don't make binary distributions of the LDM available because
they're extremely problematical.  The resulting distribution usually
depends upon

    1.  The operating system (and version);

    2.  The compiler (and version);

    3.  The runtime libraries;

    4.  The programming environment (some systems support multiple
        programming environments);

    5.  The pathname of the LDM user's home-directory; and

    6.  Whether or not the user wants to support a large product-queue.

With all these variables, it's a big drain on my time to try to
make binary distributions -- except for special cases.

Is your situation a special case?  Can you build the LDM on the
destination system (or one like it)?  Do you have a "development"
environment (i.e., compilers, linkers, the utilities rpcgen(1), yacc(1),
and lex(1))?

I'm not saying that I won't build a binary distribution for you.  It's
just that I'm not sure I can guarantee that it will work on the intended
system (though I'm willing to give it a try).

The latest release of the LDM is version 6.2.1 by-the-way.  Would
you like a binary of that or of 6.1.0?  Do you want to support large
product-queues (probably not)?

Steve Emmerson

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Date:    Wed, 23 Feb 2005 15:54:32 -0600
From:    Virginia Galvin <address@hidden>To:      Steve Emmerson <ste
         Virginia Galvin <address@hidden>
Subject: ldm binary


I am implementing LDM 6.1.0 on two RH AS Version 3 servers for Radar II
data project at Telecommunications Gateway of National Weather Service.

I was told to try to use compiled ldm --

I'm working to take feed from LDM servers maintained by Jami Casamento's
group They will be moving to LDM 6.1 on RH ES Version 3 and also plan to
use precompi led code

The linux kernel for our RH AS Version 3 is: 2.4.21-20.ELsmp for i686
i386 Is there a precompiled ldm 6.1.0 binary I can use and if so would
you mind pointing its location to me?

I'm told our LDM client at NCEP will be running ldm 6.0.15 on AIX 5.2

gini galvin

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