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20041213: LDM question


First off, you should upgrade to version 6 of the LDM -- it's much more
efficient than LDM 5.

Second, how far back in the product-queue an upstream LDM starts is
under control of the downstream (i.e., the requesting) LDM.  The "-o
time-offset" option of the ldmadmin(1) script can be used to specify how
far back to start.

Contact me if you have further questions.

Steve Emmerson

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Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 13:28:30 -0500
From: Edwin Pryor <address@hidden>
To: address@hidden
Subject: LMD question

Hello Jeff,

My name is Ned Pryor and I work for the NWS Middle Atlantic River
Forecast Center in State College, PA.

I spoke to you recently as we installed LDM version 5.2.2 on a Linux
machine that is part of our AWIPS network.  We have used various
versions of LDM  over the years and I was never quite sure about storing
incoming products in the event LDM stopped running.  We have had times
when LDM has died for one reason or another but we continue to queue
products using "pqinsert" from a separate data handling script.  Ideally
we would like LDM (once restarted) to work its way through any queue
that has built up over time rather than blasting the queue or paring the
queue.  Do you have any ideas or info on this topic?


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