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Re: 20040921 rpc.ldmd signal 11s


It would be useful logon to the system -- my phone is 303-497-8688 if
you'd like to relay password information more securely.  We've found
that often times, mysterious crashes are eventually traced back to a
hardware problem.  Are you still under contract with Dell on this
system, and if so, are they working on the crashing problem?

There's got to be a root cause for multiple hangs around the same time.


On Oct 11, 12:01pm, Arthur A. Person wrote:
> Subject: Re: 20040921 rpc.ldmd signal 11s
> Steve,
> Looks like we have a core dump for the rpc.ldmd signal 11 problem I
> reported previously.  The system info is:
>           RedHat Enterprise Linux 2.4.21-15.0.4.ELsmp
>           LDM V6.0.15
>           System:  ls2.meteo.psu.edu Dell 4600 dual 3.0 Ghz
> The ldmd.log file shows some abnormal behaviour before the failure (which
> I dont' recall seeing before):
> ...
> Finally, I will also mention that I've had two (I think) hangs of this
> system for reasons unknown in the past couple of weeks.  I put some
> resource monitors in for the last one but couldn't find anything that I
> thought was related to the cause.  The hangs both occurred near 03Z
> (similar to the time the rpc.ldmd quit last night) and would seem to be,
> perhaps, a time of peak system activity for data reception and file system
> activity (scour is running at that time and we have lots of little radar
> files).
> I'm attaching the core dump.  Let me know if you need anything else or
> want to get on the system.  I haven't restarted the LDM yet but will save
> the queues if I do.
>                                           Art.

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