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Re: 20040920: Possible pqact issue in LDM?

Steve Emmerson wrote:


Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 12:12:36 -0500
From: "Steven Danz" <address@hidden>
Organization: Aviation Weather Center
To: Steve Emmerson <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: 20040920: Possible pqact issue in LDM?
Keywords: 200409091803.i89I3pnJ023109

The above message contained the following:

The Nagios notification stuff doesn't flag an error until 10 minutes
have passed, so I would guess it should have run by then.  By the time
I notice the problem, get on line and grab the queue its usually 15
minutes or so.  That, and when I dump the queue, notices before and
after the missing one are listed.

(Is there a signal for pqact to re-open the log file? I'd like to set
it up with -v for a long period into a file, but I don't want to fill
the disk... thought maybe there was a signal to close/reopen the log

The command "ldmadmin newlog" can be used at any time to start a new logfile and remove logfiles that are too old (see "ldmadmin config").

Sending a SIGUSR2 to the pqact(1) process will cause it to rotate
through the logging levels in the order (NOTICE -> INFO -> DEBUG ->
NOTICE ...).

True, but that is for the rpc.ldmd log, I'm looking to rotate the pqact log.... doesn't look like
that is part of the pqact right now.

Yes and yes. I grabbed a copy of the queue on one of the periods when
this happened over the weekend, and if I ran pqact -o <big_number> it
picked up everything from the first pass and everything that it missed
as well.

So, pqact(1) doesn't miss data-products if run manually on a saved product-queue but does in the context of a executing LDM system. Is this true?

This is true.

Well, that pqcat you listed includes the product, which is GRIB, but
just looking at the product ID strings they are just ASCII < 127 here.
That and of course the fact that the second pass works fine.

Regards, Steve Emmerson

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