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20040806: New Aeolus May Not Happen


Sounds like your pqact.conf file has a typo.
If you have a bad tab (especially on a line by itself),
then pqact will stop reading pqact.conf at that point and not
process it further (I'm assuming that you do have pqact running).

please send your pqact.conf to address@hidden

Steve Chiswell
Unidata User Support

On Fri, 2004-08-06 at 09:12, Larry Riddle wrote:
> UCSD may have to bow out as a tier-one node.  I can't get the new "aeolus" 
> to work properly and the old aeolus is scheduled to be picked up by Surplus 
> Sales soon (possibly today).  All of my downstream nodes should switch over 
> to their alternate sites.  When, if ever, you can switch back to UCSD 
> remains to be seen.
> The problem with the new aeolus is that it does not write any files to 
> disk.  I was told that, when we started the ldm on the new machine, I 
> didn't have to recreate the directory trees for the files.  If they didn't 
> exist, the LDM would create them automatically as it needed them.  After 
> running smoothly for about two weeks, it has not created any directories.
> I went in and mkdir'd several of the missing directories.  I made sure that 
> ownership (ldm and users) and privileges (rwxr-xr-x) were the same as on 
> the old machine.  I then shutdown and restarted the LDM.  After about 
> sixteen additional hours of operation, still no joy.  No files have been 
> written to disk.
> The old machine is a DEC Alpha running OSF-1.  The new machine is a 
> <something> running Red Hat Linux.  Part of the problem is that, while I 
> have a lot of Unix experience, this is the first Linux machine I've ever 
> had to work with.  I guess I may be clueless when it comes to Linux.  I 
> attempted to get assistance from the UPC, but was told that configuration 
> and operation was my responsibility and not theirs.
> My apologies if the loss of UCSD as a tier-one node causes you any 
> inconvenience.  But, as we have zero support for running the LDM (no 
> funding and no FTE since we have no undergraduate program and the data do 
> not contribute directly to our research), I can only devote a minimum of 
> time to solving this problem.  Our systems administrator has given more 
> time to this problem than he was supposed to, and has reached the limit to 
> what he can do.
> So, in the interest of making one last try at getting the system up and 
> running properly, can anyone give me any suggestions about what I'm doing 
> wrong?
> Larry
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