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20040518: LDM problem: Denying connection from localhost.loca l domain


I edited the "etc/pqact.conf" file to remove some ".*" prefixes from
some, otherwise, pathological regular-expressions and sent a HUP signal
to the pqact(1) process to cause it to reread its configuration-file.
The original "pqact.conf" still exists as "pqact.conf.prev".

Information on pathological regular-expressions can be found at


The pqact(1) process is showing what data-products it's seeing.  One of
the data-products was

    FSL2 000  FSL.CompressedNetCDF.MADIS.metar.20040527_2300.gz 

This should have matched the following entry in the pqact(1)

    FSL2        ^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.metar\.(.*)      PIPE    -close 
/home/rpp/scripts/store_MADIS.sh /data/fxa/point/mesonet/netcdf \1

The script "/home/rpp/scripts/store_MADIS.sh" looks pretty simple and
should have created something in the directory
"/data/fxa/point/mesonet/netcdf".  It didn't, however.

I suggest testing the script on some canned data to ensure that it

Can the script find the gzip(1), echo(1), cut(1), and mv(1) utilities
(i.e., is the PATH correct)?  You might try expliciting setting the PATH
environment variable in the script (which is a good idea, in general).

Alternatively, you might be able to simplify the entry to the following:

    FSL2        ^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.metar\.(.............)   PIPE    
-close /bin/bash        -c "gzip -d >/data/fxa/point/mesonet/netcdf/\1"

Be advised that I haven't tried this.

Keep me apprised.

Steve Emmerson

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