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Re: huge product queues

>To: address@hidden
>From: Jim Wright <address@hidden>
>Subject: Re: 20040504: huge product queues
>Organization: UNAVCO
>Keywords: 200405112015.i4BKFctK015999

Hi Jim,

> Hi Russ, I've recently been hired as the "Data Flow/Archive Software
> Engineer" for the Plate Boundary Observatory at UNAVCO.  One of my
> responsibilities is to retrieve data from a network of 1100 GPS sites
> and then pass it on to archive centers.  I am investigating the use of
> LDM as a key component for this.
> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/packages/ldm/huge-queues.html states:
>     In general you cannot mix 64-bit LDM programs built for use with huge
>     product queues with 32-bit LDM programs built for queues limited
>     to 2 Gbytes in size. The formats of the two kinds of queues are
>     incompatible.
> I read that to mean that all programs built and operating locally on a
> server must be compatible.  It imposes no restriction on instances of LDM
> operating on different servers (other than the potential problem of the
> "small" server overflowing).  Specifically, can a 64-bit installation
> of LDM interoperate over the network with a 32-bit installation of LDM?

Yes.  You have interpreted the above note correctly to apply only to
the programs running on a single host, operating on a shared product


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