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tgsv50 and AIX patch info


Here's my summary of the situation with tgsv50.  Based on conversations
with Gini and Frances, here are a few choices for getting a backup LDM
system up-and-running;

 - load tgsv50 with either AIX 4.3.3/ML10 or AIX 5.1/ML4 (details below)
 - move to an available Linux system



It's my observation that one of the following AIX patches contain a
RPC libc change that's incompatible with the existing LDM code;

 AIX 4.3  AIX 5.1
 -------  --------
 IY36463  IY36507    SECURITY: RPC Service DOS Vulnerability
 IY38541  IY38471    Change libc TCP RPC to use non-blocking I/O

Installation of these patches can be verified with the following;

 instfix -ivk <patch id>

The following is known;

 - our AIX 4.3.3 system (gale) appeared to be working with bos.rte.libc, but was not working with

 - tgsv50 was working with bos.rte.libc, but not with

 - our AIX 5.1 system (zasu) worked with bos.rte.libc, but was 
   not working with

 - "RPC DOS" patch was introduced in bos.rte.libc

 - "non-blocking" patch was introduced in bos.rte.libc

Since the two patches appear in differing patch levels, one could test
to verify which of the two patches cause the problem.  Unidata will not
be conducting this test as we do not have the resources to restore
either of our systems from tape to try again.

Based on the above information, an AIX server must be at or below the 
following maintenance level (ML) or bos.rte.libc to have a working
LDM 6.0.14 installation until a resolution is found;

 AIX 4.3.3              <= ML10         <= bos.rte.libc
 AIX 5.1                <= ML4          <= bos.rte.libc

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