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[ldmMcidas #HVN-765439]: netcdf tmp files

Hi Paul,

re: zero-length .tmp_netcdf.xxxxxx file in /home/ldm

> we can wait till you return. Until then, have a great
> Thanksgiving and a safe trip overseas!

I logged on this morning (while slurping my morning coffee :-)
to see if I could figure out why zero-length .tmp_netdf.xxxxxx
files are being created in /home/ldm...

So far, I am stumped.  I have verified (and re-verified) that
the files in /home/ldm are being created by the GEMPAK profiler
decoder, dcncprof.  Why this is happening is still beyond me since
the code that creates and then deletes the temporary netCDF file
looks OK (/home/gempak/GEMPAK6.7.0/unidata/ldmbridge/dcncprof/dcncprof.c):
the temporary netCDF file should be created in the directory in which
the decoded GEMPAK file is written (/home/data/gempak/profiler).  I
know that a .tmp_netcdf.xxxxxx _is_ being created in the output
directory; it is used to create/update the decoded GEMPAK file; and
is then being deleted.  The thing I can't see at the moment is why
a temporary .tmp_netcdf.xxxxxx file is being created in /home/ldm
AND has the same name as one being created in the GEMPAK output

I'll keep looking when I have a chance...


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