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[ldmMcidas #HVN-765439]: netcdf tmp files

Hi Paul,

> In my /home/ldm directory I am getting hundreds of tmp files (0 bytes)
> being created. Such as .tmp_netcdf.zyUFcI
> Is this normal?

No, this is not normal.

> And if not, what is the problem?

.tmp_netcdf.<.....> files are created by the ldm-mcidas wind profiler
decoder, proftomd.  What the decoder does is:

- read standard input (e.g., from products PIPEd to it from 'pqact')
  for wind profiler products (hourly and 6-minute)

- write the product PIPEd to it to a temporary disk file

  The wind profiler products are netCDF files.  'proftomd' writes
  the file to a hidden file first since netCDF files are random
  access entities that must be completely received before they
  can be read for the data they contain.

- convert the data in the netCDF file to appropriate format which
  is written to a McIDAS MDXX file

- after the conversion, delete the temporary netCDF file

The fact that you are seeing lots of .tmp_netcdf files is telling
me that 'proftomd' is not completing its job normally.  The question
is why this is the case?  One possibility is that the McIDAS MD schema
file SCHEMA does not exist (or is zero length, or does not contain
the wind profiler schemas, or is not readable, etc. by the user running
'proftomd') in the directory in which the output MDXX file is to be

Please review the 'proftomd' invocation in your LDM pattern-action
file action(s) to see where the output MDXX file is supposed to be
written and then verify that there is a non-zero copy of SCHEMA in
that directory that is readable by 'proftomd'.  If nothing obvious
jumps out at you, I will be happy to login to your machine and take
a look.


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