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[LDM #MNK-989154]: comparing, contrasting two ldm servers

Hi SJ,

> I'm getting crashes in dcnldn, dcgrib2, dcmetr, dcncprof, dcair. This is the 
> same
> problem I had with the previous version of GEMPAK and Michael had to work on 
> them.

I am sorry for your problems!

> Should I open a new ticket with support-gempak or keep adding to this call?

Hmm...  I propose that we try one test before turning this over to Michael (via
support-gempak exchanges)?

The test I have in mind is:

- copy the previous versions of these decoders (v6.4) to the ~ldm/decoders 

- restart the LDM (after running 'rehash')

Since the PATH setup for 'ldm' includes ~ldm/decoders before 
the GEMPAK 6.4 decoder copies will be used instead of the v6.6.0 ones (after
running 'rehash' after the copy).

The idea is see if the v6.4 versions of the decoders run correctly when the 
versions do not.

A few minutes later...

Hmm... I see errors for 'dcnldn' in the LDM log file ~ldm/logs/ldmd.log.  Given
the errors, I do not understand the existence of output NLDN .gem files in
/Volumes/desert/data/realtime/gempak/nldn/.  I will have to chat with Michael
about this and get back to you...


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