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[ldmMcidas #IJK-183665]: ldm-mcidas installation problem on Mac OS X

Hi Dave,

> I don't remember the syntax for piping the compressed satellite AREA
> files through pnga2area files on their way to storage on the disk, and
> my initial attempts to find an example came up empty, so an example
> would be welcome. (I'd normally spend more time looking around for
> examples or finding and parsing pnga2area documentation, but I've got
> almost no time left today before taking off for the hinterlands for 9
> days.)

I understand.  I will copy a file of example UNIWISC PIPE actions
to the ~ldm/etc directory on virga for reference.

> By the way, I think that the problem I had a year ago with the LDM
> hanging for no apparent reason (rpc processes still running but data
> abruptly stops flowing) seems still to be present. Last year I wrote
> scripts to periodically check for the presence or absence of data that
> should be flowing in regularly, and if those data were absent, restart
> the LDM, but those scripts were wiped out with the rest of my LDM
> configuration last week. I've substituted a launch daemon that
> restarts the LDM twice a day whether it needs it or not, but that
> seems like a pretty brute force solution.

We are _very_ disappointed with Apple for not addressing this issue.
We have tried the LDM on an internal MacOS-X machine here at the UPC
each time Apple came out with an updata for MacOS-X, but none of the
mods fixed the problem.

> Maybe Snow Leopard (Apple's next version of Mac OS X) will save the
> day ....

A grand hope, but I am kinda doubtful that it will (sigh).


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