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[ldmMcidas #BHL-779615]: Build trouble on SunOS 5.11

Hi Art,

I hope that you had as great a Christmas as I had!

On to building the ldm-mcidas decoders under Solaris 11...

First, I believe that your intention is to build everything in 64-bit mode:

- this works nicely for the LDM as Steve has engineered the LDM configure script
  to build in 64-bit mode on 64-bit machines

- this does not, however, work for McIDAS.  McIDAS is built in 32-bit mode by 
  A quick check of your McIDAS v2007 build confirms that your installation was 
  in 32-bit mode:

  /usr/local/ldm/etc% file ~mcidas/bin/imgdisp.k
  /export/home/mcidas/bin/imgdisp.k: ELF 32-bit LSB executable 80386 Version 1 
[FPU], dynamically linked, stripped

Second, since the ldm-mcidas package requires linking against both the McIDAS 
LDM libraries, I immediately ran into a problem since the LDM was built in 
mode and McIDAS was built in 32-bit mode.

Third, since I only had the login as 'ldm', I decided to build a 32-bit version 
of ldm-6.6.5
and use it in the build of the ldm-mcidas package.

In the process of creating executables for ldm-mcidas-2006 (I downloaded an as 
yet unreleased
version of ldm-mcidas for use on your system), I did the following:

- create the ~ldm/ldm-mcidas directory

- move ~ldm/ldm-mcidas-2004/ and ~ldm/ldm-mcidas-2004.tar.gz to ~ldm/ldm-mcidas

- copy ldm-mcidas-2006.tar.gz from my development directory at the UPC to 

- create needed environment variable definitions in ~ldm/.cshrc needed to build
  the LDM in 32-bit mode and to build ldm-mcidas-2006.  These defines are now 
  out AND commented in your .cshrc file:

# Defines for building 32-bit ldm-mcidas
# Notes: 20071226 (TCY/Unidata)
#        1) must specify CC as /usr/bin/cc to force 32-bit LDM build
#        2) must specify CFLAGS as '-m32' to force 32-bit LDM build
#        3) must specify LDFLAGS as '-m32' to force 32-bit LDM build
#        4) after specifying CC, CFLAGS, and LDFLAGS, build and install
#           the LDM in 32-bit mode.
#        5) since we want to run the LDM as a 64-bit application, but
#           link ldm-mcidas against the 32-bit library and use 32-bit-specific
#           include files, you need to copy the 32-bit LDM library to a
#           separate location.  I chose:
#           /usr/local/ldm/32bit/include
#           /usr/local/ldm/32bit/lib
#        6) uncomment the following definitions and 'source .cshrc' before
#           attempting to build the ldm-mcidas-2006 decoders from source
#           (location: /usr/local/ldm/ldm-mcidas/ldm-mcidas-2006/src)

setenv CC         /usr/bin/cc
# setenv CFLAGS     -m32
# setenv LDFLAGS    -m32
# setenv CPP_LDM    -I/usr/local/ldm/32bit/include
# setenv LD_LDM     '-L/usr/local/ldm/32bit/lib -lldm'
# setenv CPP_MCIDAS -I/export/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/src
# setenv LD_MCIDAS  '-L/export/home/mcidas/lib -lmcidas'
# setenv CPP_NETCDF -I/export/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/netcdf/libsrc
# setenv LD_NETCDF  '-L/export/home/mcidas/mcidas2007/netcdf/libsrc -lnetcdf'

- build a 32-bit version of LDM-6.6.5:

  source ~ldm/.cshrc
  cd ~ldm/ldm-6.6.5-Unidata-fixed/src
  make distclean
  ./configure --disable-max-size
  make install

- save the 32-bit versions of the LDM library and include files needed for 
  the ldm-mcidas package:

  mkdir ~ldm/32bit
  mkdir ~ldm/32bit/include
  mkdir ~ldm/32bit/lib

  cp ~ldm/ldm-6.6.5-Unidata-fixed/include/* ~ldm/32bit/include
  cp ~ldm/ldm-6.6.5-Unidata-fixed/lib/* ~ldm/32bit/lib

  cd ~ldm/ldm-6.6.5-Unidata-fixed/src
  make distclean

- build the ldm-mcidas-2006 distribution:

  cd ~ldm/ldm-mcidas
  zcat ldm-mcidas-2006.tar.gz | tar xvf -
  cd ldm-mcidas-2006/src
  make test
  make install

  cd ~ldm/ldm-mcidas
  ln -s ldm-mcidas-2006 runtime
  ln -s runtime/* .

- comment all environment variable definitions in ~ldm/.cshrc that were 
strictly needed
  for the 32-bit ldm-mcidas build

- logoff and then log back on

- rebuild the LDM distribution in ~ldm/ldm-6.6.5-Unidata-fixed:

  cd ~ldm/ldm-6.6.5-Unidata-fixed/src
  make install

As I finish this email, you have newly built 32-bit versions of ldm-mcidas 
in the ~ldm/ldm-mcidas/bin directory.  You should now:

- copy the ones you want to use to the ~ldm/decoders directory
- copy ~ldm/ldm-mcidas/etc/SATANNOT and ~ldm/ldm-mcidas/etc/SATBAND to ~ldm/etc
- copy ~ldm/ldm-mcidas/etc/SCHEMA to the directory in which ldm-mcidas POINT
  decoders (e.g., nldn2md and proftomd) are to write their output
- uncomment any actions that use ldm-mcidas decoders in one or more of your
  LDM pattern-action files in ~ldm/etc
- stop and restart your LDM to active the new changes
- monitor your log files to make sure that everything is working OK

If you want to try building the ldm-mcidas decoders in 64-bit (not needed),
you must first build McIDAS in 64-bit mode.  This should be done _after_ 
the latest Unidata McIDAS addendum (currently v2007h) and after making a 
to your shell-specific configuration file (e.g., .cshrc for C Shell; 
for BASH; etc.) for the user 'mcidas'.  The modification to make is the addition
of the environment variable XARCH as follows (C shell example):

# McINST_ROOT and VENDOR non-conforming shell defines
# needed to build McIDAS
setenv McINST_ROOT /export/home/mcidas
setenv VENDOR -vendor

# NOTE: uncomment the line that sets MySQL_ROOT if you want to
#       build with MySQL support:
#       - leave the value blank if MySQL is installed in a standard
#         location
#       - specify the value as the root directory of the MySQL
#         installation if MySQL is not installed in a standard
#         location
setenv MySQL_ROOT /usr/local/mysql
setenv XARCH      "-xarch=amd64 -U__x86_64__"

unsetenv MCPATH
if ( -e $HOME/solaris/admin/mcidas_env.csh ) then
  source $HOME/solaris/admin/mcidas_env.csh

After making this change, you can try building McIDAS in 64-bit mode:

<as 'mcidas'>
cd ~mcidas
-- make changes to .cshrc as indicated above
source .cshrc
cd mcidas2007/update
-- download the v2007h addendum: mcupdate.tar.gz, mcupdate.list.2007h
cd ../src
make clobber
make all

If your 64-bit McIDAS build goes smoothly, then you could try building the
ldm-mcidas decoders in 64-bit.  Since I have not tried this, I can not state
what problems you may run into.


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