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[McIDAS #HCS-801574]: McIDAS on Keable's Cyclone machine...

Hi Jim,

re: nice and easy improvements to DU web page
> Oh.  Really.  Nice and easy... I like projects like that.

Me too!

> My next kinda sorta plan is to output the text in an XML format so
> that I can read it into the Geography's new webpage and for that matter,
> into the University's new Content Management System.  So this is a great
> thing.

OK.  Sounds like an interesting project...

> I haven't been working much on the AIX box, mostly because of family
> issues and this Cyclone issue.  I would like to get going on that.  If
> you don't mind, I would have no problem using it as a sandbox for UCARs
> development.  As that is what it is used for here.

Sounds good to me.

> The underlying goal is to have it be the roll out box to our new IBM p5+-575
> cluster -- gotta love big iron.

Yup, I am a hardware junkie also :-)

> Maybe a collaboration is in order?  What do you think?

I think it is a great idea.

A couple of things:

1) I downloaded the addendum that will upgrade the installation on cyclone
   to the latest (this morning, no less) release of McIDAS, v2007f.  I
   am rebuilding the distribution as I write this note.

   Also, yesterday afternoon I downloaded, built, installed, and cut over
   to the latest stable LDM build, ldm-6.6.5.  It is running nicely.

2) I ran into a situation yesterday afternoon that _might_ shed some light
   on the McIDAS build failure you ran into on your AIX cluster.  For
   setups where the 'mcidas' user is using the C-Shell (or TCsh, etc.), there
   could be a problem in setting 'TR' in the make-generated script,
   ~mcidas/mcidas2007/src/cal_init (and nav_init).  I ran into this on
   a Solaris x86_64 system when I was echoing a comment to the environment
   when the .cshrc file was sourced.  The result was that TR got set
   to the value of the echo (which was simple text).  This, in turn,
   would cause cal_init to fail in its attempt to build kbxprep.for
   and the make would fail.

   The simple solution to this was to remove all echoing from the .cshrc
   file or only echo when the user logs in.

I hope that 2) is understandable.  Anyway, what you may want to try quickly

<as 'mcidas' on the AIX machine>

source ~/.cshrc

See if anything is echoed back to the environment.  If it is, comment out the
echos and then try rebuilding McIDAS.


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