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[ldmMcidas #PCO-265078]: Compiling error with LDM-Mcidas 2004

Hi Trung,

> Thank you for your suggestions. That really makes sense to me.

Very good.

> The
> application I've been working on must use g95 to build.

OK, but the ldm-mcidas decoders do not need g95.  Can't you just use
g77 for the McIDAS and ldm-mcidas builds?  Or, are you trying to modify
one or more of the ldm-mcidas routines for some other purpose?  If
you are trying to modify one of the routines for another purpose, which
one(s) do you intend to modify?

> So I think I
> will need to rebuild Mcidas library using g95. Do you think Mcidas is
> going to work accept g95 compiler?

I have no idea if this will work or not.  My experience in trying to get
gfortran to work was not a good one meaning that a number of files needed
modification just to compile.

> And what file(s) should I modify in
> order to change the compiler (from g77 to g95).

You would need to modify the environment variable FC and the file mccomp.sh
in the ~mcidas/mcidas2006/src directory.  Since you are using RHEL, the
changes needed in mccomp.sh should be in the Linux section that reads:

case ${g77:-$MCIDAS_G77} in
            fcopts="-O -Wuninitialized -fno-automatic -ff90-intrinsics-hide"
            if [ "$uname_s" = "Linux" -a "$uname_m" = "x86_64" ]; then
                fcopts="$fcopts -fno-f2c"
            unset vendor

My first attempt would be to simply modify the 'fc=g77' part of this section and
see what happens.

Please note, however, that it is _very_ likely that hte flags specified for 
compilation would likely need to be changed, but I don't know what they would 
to be changed to.

> I just need the Mcidas library (libmcidas.a) compiled in g95.

If I knew exactly what you are trying to accomplish, I might be able to offer 
simple/better advice on how to proceed.

> Thanks.

No worries.


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