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[SupportPlaza #PDS-980326]: broken link on ldm-mcidas pages

Hi Susan,

> Ah Ha ^2!  I read through what you did for him in the support
> archives, but didn't catch that ldm-mcidas-2004 wasn't going to work
> on Mac.

Yea, the McIDAS/ldm-mcidas support for MacOS-X was marginal in 2004.

> Thought if I started carefully from scratch I wouldn't run
> into the same trouble.

Good thought!  But, it wouldn't have mattered.

> (Also considered mailing him directly to see
> if he'd slip me that one decoder)

Also a good thought.  Dave Dempsey of SFSU is a great guy and very
approachable for things like this.  Dave used to be a member of
the Unidata Users Committee.

> Yes I would love for you to try some magic. But don't laugh - it's
> kind of in a mess with a lot of test stuff that hasn't been cleaned
> up. ldm's account is /Users/ldm . machine is
> flightrisk.meas.ncsu.edu , a G5 Xserve.


> I compiled LDM 6.4.6 on it but cheated and used GEMPAK 5.10.1
> binaries.

There is nothing wrong with using binaries especially for packages like
GEMPAK since it requires that one have Motif installed for linking

> I think I will need to compile the current GEMPAK on it;
> there are 5 decoders that crash.

Interesting.  Have you sent in an inquiry regarding this problem?  If
not, you should:  address@hidden

> Grabbing some FORTRAN's right now.

This is not needed for the partial build of ldm-mcidas.  Here is what
I did:

1) download the 3.6.1 version of netCDF:

<as 'ldm'>
setenv CC gcc
setenv CFLAGS -O
setenv CPPFLAGS '-DNDEBUG -Df2cFortran'
setenv CPP_LDM -I/Users/ldm/include
setenv LD_LDM '-L/Users/ldm/lib -lldm'
setenv CPP_MCIDAS /Users/mcidas/inc
setenv LD_MCIDAS '-L/Users/mcidas/lib -lmcidas'
setenv CPP_NETCDF=/Users/ldm/netcdf/include
setenv LD_NETCDF '-L/Users/ldm/netcdf/lib -lnetcdf'
setenv LD_X11 '-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11'
setenv FC /usr/bin/g77

Note that the definitions for CPP_MCIDAS, LD_MCIDAS, and FC point to
non-existent things.

cd ~
mkdir netcdf
cd netcdf
ftp ftp.unidata.ucar.edu
  <user> anonymous
  <pass> address@hidden
  cd pub/netcdf
  get netcdf-3.6.1.tar.gz

tar xvzf netcdf-3.6.1.tar.gz

cd netcdf-3.6.1/src
make install
cd ~/netcdf
ln -s netcdf3.6.1 runtime
ln -s runtime/* .

cd ~/ldm-mcidas/ldm-mcidas-2004/src
-- failure, but not to worry

cd decode
make pnga2area
./pnga2area        <- just to make sure that it runs

cp pnga2area ~/decoders

So, you now have a 'pnga2area' decoder in your /Users/ldm/decoders
directory.  You should be able to quickly determine if this executable
works for you... just setup your LDM to ingest any/all of the
UNIWISC (aka MCIDAS), FNEXRAD, or NIMAGE feeds; use the pqact.gempak_xxxxx
pattern-action files that specify decoding of the imagery using
pnga2area; and stop/restart your LDM

Please let me know if the decoder is working for you now.


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