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[SupportPlaza #PDS-980326]: broken link on ldm-mcidas pages

Hi Susan,

> My folks aren't needing McIDAS-X yet, but I guess I have to install
> it to get to LDM-McIDAS.?  My goal is simply to get the pnga2area
> decoder for Mac 10.4.9.

Ah Ha!  The plot thickens!!

> Already have LDM and GEMPAK so I think all I
> need now is LDM-McIDAS. And the libs and includes from netCDF and
> McIDAS-X. I did find binaries (dated Mar 2007) for netcdf, but guess
> it would be better to do the McIDAS build anyway.

Well, ldm-mcidas-2004 was not supported on MacOS-X 10.4, so your ldm-mcidas
build will fail at some point.  I helped a user at San Francisco State
build enough of the ldm-mcidas distribution to get a viable pnga2area
decoder.  In doing this I did _not_ install McIDAS.  Rather, I setup
the environment variables related to McIDAS (CPP_MCIDAS and LD_MCIDAS)
to point to fictitions directories/files just to satisfy 'configure'.
I then ran 'make' and let it fail for the routines that needed to link
against the McIDAS library/use McIDAS include files.  I seem to remember
that the make failure occurs after pnga2area is built, so your objective
can be fulfilled.

I could login and get the decoder built for you if you like.  To do this
I would need your 'ldm' login information.  Please let me know if you
want/need this.

> Thanks for your help.

No worries.

Last comment:  the next version of ldm-mcidas is in progress now.  It
removes the McIDAS dependency for builds, and will be fully supported
under MacOS-X (as will McIDAS-X v2007).


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