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20070420: nldn

Hi Chiz,

re: NLDN product times
>The data in the report is in seconds since Jan 1, 1970 and nanoseconds
>since that second (not seconds of the day).

I thought that was the case.

>I compute seconds of the day from the hour/minute/second field of the
>time struct for storage as a parameter which was the confusion.

My code does as well, so I was confused by my listings showing current
data instead of the historic set I was decoding.  The problem that I
was having was caused by a McIDAS gotcha: I was running McIDAS commands
to list the data thinking that I was looking at the test data I was
decoding when I was actually looking at realtime data on a remote
server.  I thought I had changed the setup to look at local data, but I
must have done that as a different user (mcidas vs yoksas).  After
realizing my mistake, I was able to verify that my decoding is sorking
correctly for both realtime and historic data.

>I keep a 1999 sample ingest file around to test on, if you need 
>a sample data set to test your time computation on:

Interestingly, I also use 1999 data for testing in the ldm-mcidas
package, 9912406.nldn.  I may include some of today's USPLN data in the
ldm-mcidas distribution for testing.  It has been an active day for
lightning in the midwest so far (about 300K USPLN and 30K NLDN flashes
since 0Z).  Too bad the NWS was having problems with the NOAAPORT
uplink during the tornado outbreak in the midwest!

Thanks again for the follow-up information...


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