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[McIDAS #YOF-758999]: new lightinng data set for Mcidas?

Hi Owen,

Long time no hear...  Jennie told me that you and your wife just had
a baby; contratulations!

> I was speaking to Jennie Moody when she was in town the other day, and
> she mentioned that you had  said something about a new lightning
> monitoring network (not NLDN) that had detectors in central America,
> and that these data are available to Mcidas users.
> Can you let me know more?

Yes, I just finished modifying code in the ldm-mcidas decoders package
to handle the old (NLDN) and new (USPLN) lightning data.  [...]

FYI: Unidata is in discussions with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
regarding the point-to-point LDM distribution of the data.  We have
been getting the data for about a month so that we can update our
packages to handle the data.  I took the opportunity to work on the
ldm-mcidas package of decoders (pnga2area, zlibg2gini, proftomd, and
nldn2md) to eliminate the need of linking against the McIDAS library
(so that folks who do not want to install McIDAS don't have to if
they want to build ldm-mcidas from source).

Any if/when the USPLN data becomes available via point-to-point LDM
transfers, we will let the community know.

> Thanks!
> Owen
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