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[ldmMcidas #LPI-817805]: ldm-mcidas v2004 build problem on Linux

Hi Mark,

You will have noticed that I split your email into two separate inquiries
since one does not really relate to the other.

> I've also had problems building ldm-mcidas
> and am currently using the 2004 release that we've compiled against
> McIdas2004.  The configure and make log files can be found here:
> http://apollo.lsc.vsc.edu/~tuckerm/ldm-mcidas.log
> http://apollo.lsc.vsc.edu/~tuckerm/config.log

The problems I see in the logs you provided indicate that you either
did not specify environment variables that help 'configure' find the
appropriate LDM libraries and include files (CPP_LDM, LD_LDM), or
that the directories being pointed to did not contain the needed
file(s) (e.g., libldm.a and various include files).

As an example, here are the environment variable settings I just
used to build ldm-mcidas-2006 on my Fedora Core 64-bit Linux
machine (I realize that your machine is FreeBSD):

LD_MCIDAS=-L/home/mcidas/linux64/lib -lmcidas
LD_NETCDF=-L/home/mcidas/linux64/lib -lnetcdf
LD_LDM=-L/home/yoksas/upc/ldm/lib -lldm
LD_MATH=-L/lib -lm

In my case, the LDM libraries I was using were built in under
my HOME directory tree.  The reason for this was that the
LDM 6.4.x built "out of the box" on most systems includes
support for files larger than 2 GB (this may be the case on
your FreeBSD machine depending on the FreeBSD version), and
the object files that I was building for ldm-mcidas-2006
were _not_ being built for large file support.  When I went
to link ldm-mcidas applications, I was informed that the LDM
library would not be used because it was an inappropriate type.
I don't think that this is the problem you are seeing since
the link line for 'area2png' does not reference the LDM library
at all:

/usr/bin/gcc -o area2png alarm.o commonsubs.o imgsubs.o pngsubs.o rtesubs.o 
area2png.o "-L/software/ldm/lib -lldm" "-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11" 
../port/misc/libudport.a -L/software/mcidas/mcidas2006/netcdf/libsrc -lnetcdf 
-L../libpng -lpng -L../zlib -lz    -lm || (rm -f area2png; exit 1)

So, my advice is to blow away the current build attempt, define the needed
environment variables, and then rerun 'configure' and 'make':

make distclean
export CPP_LDM=-I/usr/local/ldm/include
export LD_LDM='-L/usr/local/ldm/lib -lldm'

Please let me know if this gets you going.

Question: why not use the binary distribution of ldm-mcidas-2004?


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