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Re: 20060725: duplicate satellite files written


You were right - last time I was a LDM administrator there was only one pqact.conf. Now I see that LDM launches all of the other pqact.conf files and I had duplicated the satellite entries. Thanks for solving my mystery.


Tom Yoksas wrote:

From: Chris Hennon <address@hidden>
Organization: UNCA
Keywords: 200607251603.k6PG3pJH008576 ldm-mcidas pnga2area

Hi Chris,


I've attached a pqact.conf file that results in duplicate satellite products being written. One is written to:

/data/ldm/gempak/images  etc...

and the other is written to:

/data/ldm/ldm/gempak/images etc...

Are you sure that you are not running two invocations of pqact: one that is using ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf and the other is using ~ldm/pqact.gempak_images? The GEMPAK script that creates pqact.conf* files has MCIDAS feed (aka UNIWISC) images written to /data/ldm/gempak/... while the ldm-mcidas-bundled pqact.conf example writes to ~ldm/data/gempak/images... If this is the cause of your duplication you need to decide which set of decode actions you should turn off (i.e., comment out in the appropriate pqact.conf file).

This happens for the entire suite of UNIWISC products. Here is an example pqact.conf entry, which seems like the standard one to me:

# IR (10.7 um)
UNIWISC ^pnga2area Q. (U[^ACXY13]) (.*) (.*)_IMG (10.7)um (.*) (........) (....)
PIPE -close
pnga2area -vl logs/ldm-mcidas.log
-b etc/SATBAND

The log file appears normal and only shows the file being written to /data/ldm/gempak/images ....:

The different invocations of pnga2area may be configured to log to different files. Please check your pqact.conf files.

Starting Up
Jul 25 00:14:51 pnga2area[18950]: output file pathname: data/ldm/gempak/images/sat/GOES-11/4km/IR/IR_20060725_0000

Unless I am missing something (quite likely), there must be another process on the machine copying files?? Does anyone see anything?

I am betting on there being more than one pqact invocation and associated pqact.conf file, and they are configured to write to two different directories.


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