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[LDM #HLR-124311]: ldm drops

Hi Waldenio,

> Thanks by the help about the LDM I'll upgrade my
> versions soon.

Very good.

> I am installing new LDM machines here, now for our
> main internal GTS-data-processing cluster (preproc)
> This month I am providing more training courses as
> you see in the idd-brasil list.

As usual, it sounds like you are very busy :-)

> And we are back on the TIGGE tests. We are ingesting
> our ensemble outputs in the mopora.cptec. Let's see
> if the multiple requests will work to overcome the
> bandwidth problem.

This should help greatly.

> Another good news. The Operational LDM machine in the
> DSA division is working (canela.cptec.inpe.br) the
> CPTEC's GOES imagery is being ingested at this machine
> for further distribution. I would like to see the TOM's
> comments and avaliation about these imagery. You can
> request them as EXP feed on the Moingobe.
> request EXP "^g[al].*" moingobe.cptec.inpe.br

I made this request immediately after seeing this email yesterday.
I am receiving imagery; here is part of a 'notifyme' listing:

Jul 07 14:14:45 notifyme[21373] INFO: 4844294903602190d8f557c86ee38fc8  2073638 
20060707114518.595     EXP 000  ga.20060707.1145_R44_ch4.bin.png
Jul 07 14:14:45 notifyme[21373] INFO: 4e8a1486cd423fe50c08ee70d81a4b65  1131490 
20060707124503.390     EXP 000  ga.20060707.1245_R44_ch1.bin.png
Jul 07 14:14:45 notifyme[21373] INFO: 0b61b0d3d8a78138fe7cea7b904efdca   605760 
20060707124507.513     EXP 000  ga.20060707.1245_R44_ch3.bin.png
Jul 07 14:14:45 notifyme[21373] INFO: fdd34a3a685ba3b6d354805474d9280f  2019869 
20060707124518.347     EXP 000  ga.20060707.1245_R44_ch4.bin.png
Jul 07 14:14:45 notifyme[21373] INFO: fc2089f952e766854d0a232794a5ef98  1452384 
20060707131504.442     EXP 000  ga.20060707.1315_R44_ch1.bin.png
Jul 07 14:14:45 notifyme[21373] INFO: 88103ca233768068aea49ed1eca346b9   614958 
20060707131508.634     EXP 000  ga.20060707.1315_R44_ch3.bin.png
Jul 07 14:14:46 notifyme[21373] INFO: bfd0b959ddd17447244ade8c15bfea1f  2085791 
20060707131519.760     EXP 000  ga.20060707.1315_R44_ch4.bin.png
Jul 07 14:14:46 notifyme[21373] INFO: 87bbdf8000d9691af05c0fed64e62b4d  1574037 
20060707131524.507     EXP 000  gl.20060707.1145_R44_ch1.bin.png
Jul 07 14:14:46 notifyme[21373] INFO: f3a520dc03991083d396da61dc0a8bc0  1611445 
20060707131533.785     EXP 000  gl.20060707.1145_R44_ch3.bin.png
Jul 07 14:15:09 notifyme[21373] INFO: 4ec4534fd73d51b1a703393590f77ac7  4100345 
20060707131554.518     EXP 000  gl.20060707.1145_R44_ch4.bin.png

I will setup 'pnga2area' decoding of these images and then test them in

By the way, can I get the code you are using to convert the images
from TeraScan TDF format to McIDAS AREA?  Depending on what has been
written, I may be able to turn the code into a McIDAS ADDE server.
This would be extremely useful for the entire McIDAS community
including Antarctic researchers who want to use McIDAS, but only have
access to TeraScan imagery in TDF.

> Later I'll reply about the Users' commitee. Presently I
> am doing a work similar of an users' commitee member
> for IDD-Brasil. I think that a participation on the
> users' commitee can help to all these works and helping
> in the integration with users' outside Brazil.

I have discussed this with several folks in Unidata.  We all think
that it is a _very_ interesting possibility.  Whether or not you would be
appointed is still in question.  Please remember that we (Unidata Program
Center) do _not_ make appointments to our governing committees.


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