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Re: 20051119: area2png core dumping on motherlode


>To: Mike Schmidt <address@hidden>
>Subject: 20051119: area2png core dumping on motherlode 
>>From: Mike Schmidt <address@hidden>
>>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>>Keywords: 200511191829.jAJITOVv016189 ldm-mcidas area2png
>Hi Mike,
>>Haven't seen this before...
>>Nov 19 10:00:12 motherlode.ucar.edu genunix: [ID 209915 kern.notice] NOTE: cor
>> e_log: area2png[12548] no global core file pattern exists
>I don't understand what this means.

The OS was complaining about no creo file pattern -- see /etc/coreadm.conf

>>So I set a global core file pattern, and we have a core dump;
>>Nov 19 10:40:13 motherlode.ucar.edu genunix: [ID 603404 kern.notice] NOTE: cor
>> e_log: area2png[9454] core dumped: /var/core/core.area2png.9454.u8858
>Why would core files from area2png be dumped into /var/core?  Also, why
>would the core files be owned by 'root':

I specified that location -- and it's all related to security since area2png
is exec'ed by the ldm, and the ldm is started suid root.

>/var/core% ls -alt
>total 14260
>drwxr-xr-x   2 root     other        512 Nov 20 07:12 .
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff    369888 Nov 20 07:12 core.pqinsert.15077.u8858
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff   1064008 Nov 20 03:56 core.area2png.28380.u8858
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff    613448 Nov 20 03:40 core.area2png.22466.u8858
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff    588872 Nov 20 03:20 core.area2png.15431.u8858
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff   1072200 Nov 19 21:04 core.area2png.26094.u8858
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff    629832 Nov 19 20:04 core.area2png.22497.u8858
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff   1023048 Nov 19 18:00 core.area2png.12891.u8858
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff    361696 Nov 19 14:48 core.pqinsert.27675.u8858
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff    361696 Nov 19 11:44 core.pqinsert.14548.u8858
>-rw-------   1 root     ustaff   1104968 Nov 19 10:40 core.area2png.9454.u8858
>drwxr-xr-x  38 root     sys         1024 Nov 19 10:13 ..
>Also, I am suprised by the differing sizes of the core files and also
>the fact that there are two entries for pqinsert!?

That might warrant some attention

>I did notice a core file from area2png yesterday morning (in ~ldm), but
>I didn't worry since it did not reappear after it was deleted.  Also, I
>don't see any gaps in the images that are being compressed by area2png
>and inserted into the LDM queue, so I am not certain why the there would
>be core files at all.

I have no idea, but thought you might want to know.


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