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20031218: ldm-mcidas: nldninput(): No data to read

>From: Neil Smith <address@hidden>
>Organization: TAMU
>Keywords: 200312131919.hBDJJ8p2018320 ldm-mcidas McIDAS-XCD


>ldm-mcidas 2003
>I'm getting these kinds of error in my ~ldm/logs/ldm-mcidas.log file; 
>it begins on Dec 15 .. can't remember if I made any changes that would effect 
>Dec 18 16:55:09 nldn2md[77701]: Starting Up
>Dec 18 16:55:09 nldn2md[77701]: changing to directory data/mcidas
>Dec 18 16:55:09 nldn2md[77701]: NLDN2MD -- BEGIN
>Dec 18 16:55:09 nldn2md[77701]: PRODUCT CODE=LD          2003352     
>Dec 18 16:55:09 nldn2md[77701]: nldninput(): Product header record found
>Dec 18 16:55:09 nldn2md[77701]: nldninput(): No data to read
>Dec 18 16:55:09 nldn2md[77701]: nldninput(): EOF on stdin
>Dec 18 16:55:09 nldn2md[77701]: NLDN2MD -- Failed on first flash record 
>Dec 18 16:55:09 nldn2md[77701]: Exiting

This is an overly verbose indication of the NLDN product not having
any data -- you can ignore it.

>Any suggestions as to where to start looking?

When there is data, you should see messages indicating that flash records
are being decoded.  These will look like:

Dec 17 00:00:59 nldn2md[10859]: NLDN2MD -- BEGIN
Dec 17 00:00:59 nldn2md[10859]: PRODUCT CODE=LD          2003350     235400
Dec 17 00:00:59 nldn2md[10859]: Appending to MD file: 80
Dec 17 00:00:59 nldn2md[10859]: NLDN2MD - Flash events in file: 29759
Dec 17 00:00:59 nldn2md[10859]: NLDN2MD -- DONE

So, if you are seeing both kinds of messages, everything is working

>Thanks, -Neil

No worries.



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