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20030730: ldm-mcidas decoders for NOAAPORT GINI images (cont.)

>From: Eirh-Yu Hsie <address@hidden>
>Organization: Aeronomy Laboratory/NOAA
>Keywords: 200307301619.h6UGJWLd013737 IDD NIMAGE ldm-mcidas pngg2gini


re: updating your ldm-mcidas decoders

>You are welcome to do that.

Thanks for giving me the green light!

>I found the problem after I see the e-mail.
>I think I already correct that.  The syntax is wrong in blizzard's 
>pqact.conf file. It is using:
>zlibg2gini -n -l logs/png.log
>I change it to:
>zlibg2gini -vl logs/png.log
>following the syntax in rainbow.

You are, of course, correct.  I made the mistake of not looking hard
enough at the pqact.conf entry when I switch the decoder being used
from readpng.  The '-n' flag is not supported in pngg2gini or
zlibg2gini, but is in readpng.

This was my fault for being in a hurry this morning.  I hit blizzard
last in the sequence of machines that I was was upgrading, and this was
after the new GOES-West Zlib-compressed images started being

All I can say is "oops".  Sorry for the goof!


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