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20030730: ldm-mcidas decoders for NOAAPORT GINI images (cont.)

>From: Unidata Support <address@hidden>
>Organization: UCAR/Unidata
>Keywords: 200307301619.h6UGJWLd013737 IDD NIMAGE ldm-mcidas pngg2gini 


The GOES-West, Zlib-compressed, NOAAPORT GINI images are now being
uncompressed and filed correctly on blizzard:

Jul 30 17:44:01 pngg2gini[26982]: Starting Up
Jul 30 17:44:01 pngg2gini[26982]: output file pathname: 
Jul 30 17:44:01 pngg2gini[26982]: unPNG::   119679    888533  7.4243
Jul 30 17:44:01 pngg2gini[26982]: Exiting
Jul 30 17:45:39 zlibg2gini[28965]: Starting Up
Jul 30 17:45:39 zlibg2gini[28965]: output file pathname: 
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28966]: Starting Up
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28966]: output file pathname: 
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28967]: Starting Up
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28967]: output file pathname: 
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28968]: Starting Up
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28968]: output file pathname: 
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28967]: unZlib::    59091    353083  5.9752
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28967]: Exiting
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28966]: unZlib::   527761   1409633  2.6710
Jul 30 17:45:46 zlibg2gini[28966]: Exiting
Jul 30 17:45:47 zlibg2gini[28968]: unZlib::   509557   1409633  2.7664
Jul 30 17:45:47 zlibg2gini[28968]: Exiting
Jul 30 17:45:47 zlibg2gini[28969]: Starting Up
Jul 30 17:45:47 zlibg2gini[28969]: output file pathname: 
Jul 30 17:45:47 zlibg2gini[28965]: unZlib::  9600552  22532933  2.3470
Jul 30 17:45:47 zlibg2gini[28965]: Exiting
Jul 30 17:45:47 zlibg2gini[28969]: unZlib::   499986   1409633  2.8193
Jul 30 17:45:47 zlibg2gini[28969]: Exiting

Apparently, there was a sequence of bad images being sent in NOAAPORT.
I say this based on the 16:45Z image:


This image was accessed by ADDE from your server stratus.al.noaa.gov a
few minutes ago.  I loaded the same image from two other ADDE NIMAGE
servers and got the exact same picture.

I will keep an eye on the decoding of the Zlib-compressed images to
make sure that zlibg2gini is working correctly, and make any
adjustments to the code if necessary (although it has been running here
at the UPC for over a month with no apparent problems).

By the way, the next Unidata releases of McIDAS and GEMPAK will support
use of the Zlib-compressed images directly.  After those packages get
installed, you may want to change the pqact.conf actions on rainbow and
blizzard to FILE the products instead of decoding them.  The savings in
disk space will likely be desirable.  The new releases should be ready
for download within the next one to two weeks if not sooner.


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