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20030520: met-62 and met-05 LDM and ldm-mcidas upgrades

>From:  "Robert J. Ballentine" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  SUNY Oswego
>Keywords:  200305202137.h4KLb1Ld017781

Hi Bob,

>   I will add both zasu and laraine to the /etc/hosts.allow files.

I tried telnetting to both of these machines: I was able to telnet
to met-05, but not met-62.  I could note even telnet to met-62
from met-05.

>Ideally, I would like to have everything on met-62.oswego.edu, but
>what confuses me is the ldm-mcidas support for decoding the area files.
>As I mentioned, we are not able to ingest GOES-12 images.

From what I could see, the majority of GOES-12 images are being decoded
on met-05.  Whether or not they are being decoded into the directory
you are expecting them to be in is what I see as the issue.  The
GOES-12 images that were not being decoded are the Floater I ones.  The
reason that the Floater images were not being decoded was that the
pattern being matched in ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf was expecting a GOES-8 in
the proctuct header, and these are now GOES-12.  I changed the pattern
and sent a HUP to the pqact process so that it would reread the
pqact.conf entries and use the new ones.

>We do not
>have ldm-mcidas on met-62, but you installed it on met-05 running
>Red Hat 5.2.  I would like to eliminiate met-05 as a server, install
>Red Hat 7.3 or higher on it, and make it another workstation available
>to students in the lab.  However, we would then lose all of our
>satellite data.  Would it be possible to install area decode capability
><on met-62?

Installing a current LDM and ldm-mcidas on met-62 will not be a problem
as soon as I can login to the machine, and IF you have a current
development environment on it.  I tried to build LDM-6.0.11 on met-05,
but the OS is a _VERY_ old RedHat Linux, version 5.2.  Since we no
longer support RH 5.2, the build of the LDM failed.  Hopefully,
met-62 is a newer/supported version of RedHat Linux.

>I assume this would require installing ldm-mcidas.  If you have time
>to do that, then the satellite files could go in
>                  /var/data/ldm/gempak/images/sat
>on met-62.  It would be nice to have everything on one machine.

Again, no problem as soon as I can logon and if the OS/development
environment are supported (they should be since you previously told
me that met-62 was running RedHat 7.3 Linux.

>have been using the ldm-mcidas that you installed on met-05 because
>I never learned how to set up ldm-mcidas/area file decoding on our
>newer machine (met-62).

Two things I did on met-05:

o update the copies of SATANNOT and SATBAND in ~ldm/etc to ones new
  enough to contain entries fo rGOES-12

o change a couple of entries in ~ldm/etc/pqact.conf so that Floater
  I products would get decoded.

If your GEMPAK environments are looking for the GOES-12 images
to be found under ~ldm/data/gempak/images/sat/GOES-12, then the
pqact.conf entries on met-05 will need to be upgraded.

Since the OS on met-05 is so old, I think that the best move would
be to see what is preventing telnets to met-62; fix it; and then
have me upgrade the LDM and ldm-mcidas decoders on it.

I will look into things more tomorrow after I can telnet to met-62.


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