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20030221: Problem with pqact writing stellite files to gempak

>From:  "Jim St. John" <address@hidden>
>Organization:  Georgia Tech
>Keywords:  200302211643.h1LGhFt17092 ldm-mcidas pnga2area LDM pqact.conf


>I am having trouble getting my pqact.conf file to write satellite files to
>the gempak data directories.  I copied the examples from Unidata into my
>pqact.conf file and checked to make sure that the tabs were set as needed,
>then ran a successful ldmadmin pqactcheck.
>Here are the lines from my pqact.conf file:
>MCIDAS  ^pnga2area Q1 (U[^ACXY1]) (.*) (.*)_IMG (0.65)um (.*) (........)
>        PIPE    -close
>        pnga2area -vl data/logs/ldm-mcidas.log
>        data/gempak/images/sat/\3/\5/VIS/VIS_\6_\7

>However my ldmd.log file si full of these:
>Feb 21 16:16:34 sml0 pqact[20477]: pbuf_flush (4) write: Broken pipe
>Feb 21 16:16:34 sml0 pqact[20477]:
>pipe_dbufput: -closepnga2area-vldata/logs/ldm-mcidas.logdata/gempak/images/s
>Feb 21 16:16:34 sml0 pqact[20477]: pipe_prodput: trying again
>My directory structure is fine, the only problem I have is with these files.
>Has any one had a similar problem?

There are five things that could cause this:

1) pnga2area is not executable by the user running your LDM
2) pnga2area is executable, but the shared library loader can not
   find all of the libraries needed to run pnga2area
3) pnga2area is not able to create one or more directories in
   the directory hierarchy you are specifying
4) the user running your LDM does not have write permission in
   the final directory specified in your pqact.conf action
5) your pqact.conf action has a problem

The first thing I would do is verify that pnga2area is in the PATH
defined for your user running the LDM, that pnga2area is executable,
and that the shared library loader can find all of the libraries
needed by pnga2area.  Some systems like Sun have the routine 'ldd'
that is easily used to see all of the shared libraries needed by
an executable.  'ldd' is used as follows:

ldd `which pnga2area`

The second thing I would do is reverify your pqact.conf action:  white space
needs to be tabs:

o between MCIDAS and ^pnga2area
o before PIPE
o between PIPE and -close
o before pnga2area
o before data/gempak/images/...

'ldmadmin pqactcheck' may not pick up a subtle problem like spaces between
PIPE and -close, so please check your patterns carefully.

If your pqact.conf patterns are correct, I would verify that the user
running the LDM can create the necessary output directories AND that
this same user can create files in those directories.  The easiest
way to do this is use 'mkdir' and 'touch' when logged in as the user
running your LDM.

Please let us know if the above does not help you find your problem.


>From address@hidden Fri Feb 21 12:45:28 2003


I think I found the problem.  I thought that these were included with the
other decoders.  I just installed the ldm-mcidas decoders package.  I knew
when I found the problem I'd feel really dumb.  I'll know in about half an
hour ifI fixed it.


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